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Heres to you, 2009

posted Dec 31, 2008, 5:02 PM by Gerald Prosser
When I think about 2008 and the past year, so many things come up. This has been a year of gains and losses. It has been a year of learning. I fell in and out of love this year. I have gained friends that I will have for life, and lost friends that I thought were going to stick it out with me till the end. I have figured out where I want to be and what I want to do. Although I'm sure that will change. I can honestly say this has been a year of change. I can't say it was the best year out there, in fact this really has been a year of heartache and tears. But it is a year that I will always remember. This past year I really gave myself over to others. I finally gave my heart away, which bite my in the ass. I let my friends see my heart, who I am. That turned out great. I realized that I need to show who I am, if you don't like it, to bad. I'm done with trying to prove myself and I'm done with working. I've learned that my friends will be by me and that I don't have to try and be someone, they love who I am. And I love them for exactly who there. With all of that, I'm done with trying to impress people. When I find a guy who I like, hopefully they will like me and I don't have to try daily to make it work. I want something that feels natural. I found that with friends. I honestly am happy at the moment. I really don't need a guy or want one, and honestly this is my time to grow and learn. If someone is there beside me, great, if not I'm still going to be happy. I'm going outside the country soon, in only thirteen days. Which I'm terrified about. Its going to be a great learning experience. I'm going to meet so many new people and be introduced to many new cultures and ideas. I don't really know what to even plan when I go over there, I'm going to London by the way. However I'm going to take it day by day and try and see as much as I can. I'm expecting a lot, and scared for the new. But I can't wait. I'm hoping for a year of laughs. I've had a year of growing, I've figure out so much of where I want to go. I've learned so much about myself, I'm hoping to take that into life now. This year is going to be me going and networking, find jobs, and meeting people. I'm hoping to take who I am, the real me, to these experiences and people. I would be so thrilled to learn as much as I did this year in the year coming up. However this year is going to be a roller coaster, from london to an internship to my senior year. I'm jumping out this year. I'm going to fly and I'm looking forward to it. Heres to 2009, to the new and the old, to finally letting go of the past and to moving ahead, to learning and to take in what i've learned, to friends and to loved ones and to ones I've left behind. But most of all to me and to life and to the hope of 2009. I can't wait!